Fontanilla is Philippines’ Sole Delegate in Caux, Switzerland

Marc Angelo Martinez  |

Stephen Jae Fontanilla, a student of the College of Law and a part-time political science instructor at the University of La Salette, Inc represented the Philippines in the Caux Scholar Program held in Caux, Switzerland last June 26 to July 23, 2017.

Geared with the goal of equipping the young generation of changemakers on tools on how to deal with conflict, from traditional conflict to more contemporary ones, the Caux Scholar Program (CSP) is an annual program sponsored by the Initiatives of Change Foundation based in Caux, Switzerland. It gathers people from around the world to participate in a one-month class on topics regarding Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution.

Fontanilla among the 20 people from 16 different countries such as from Afghanistan, Syria, Argentina, Colombia, Ukraine, Algeria, and United States who participated was the sole delegate from the Philippines and the only Southeast Asian this year. He considered this as a life-changing experience as it made him realize how big the world is, at the same time, that no matter how small of a person he is, he discovered his capacity to change the world, step by step. “It was an honor to be the only southeast Asian for this batch as I got to promote the country, and at the same time to understand what we are going through in this time. Filipinos, especially at this critical time should always think critically and analyze situations carefully and not be blind or even apathetic to issues.” said by Fontanilla in an interview urging his fellow Salettinians and Filipinos to be aware of such political trends and social engagement.

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