Statistics: Power to Soar Higher

Joel P. Bembo | AB-Philosophy | | University of La Salette, Inc.

Never was it known that a country who persistently and continuously gaining benefits from statistics was left wingless, left stagnant, remained unproductive and stayed mediocre.

Statistics is a power people frequently neglected and placed in a very low premium. We don’t realize that when used correctly, statistics could tell trends about the past and the future.

Accurate weather predictions are important for farmers to secure their crops, airlines need it to ensure flight safety, and government agencies and NGOs need it to ensure people’s security. Access to such information is made possible through statistics which can compare prior weather conditions with current weather to predict future weather.

Statistics enhances awareness on health. Like, studies show that 85 to 95 percent of lung cancers are smoking-related. The figure illustrates that almost all lung cancers are related to smoking and so statistics reminds us—we shouldn’t smoke!

Let us awaken our consciousness to get the best out of statistics. Statistical analysis drives policy decisions and gives ideas to problems that relate to policy implementation.

Statistics can build our country and preserve it for next generation. If we embrace statistics to improve programs and policies, we will not be surprised anymore when someday we will no longer hear news about disaster unpreparedness, unemployment, increasing rate of poverty, worsening crime rate and so on.

The power of Statistics that is freely available brings hope. Hope that can unite Filipinos to reconcile with the vision of the government phrased as AmBisyon Natin 2040 turning the Philippines into a progressive and peaceful country with equal opportunities. This is our hope, this is our dream!

Through the power of statistics with its figures and trends, our country could soar higher while being together as a nation.

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  1. This essay is intended to inspire all the readers with the importance of Statistics in our daily lives. 🙂

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