Sign of Hope

Marc Angelo Martinez |

“Born from a vision and nurtured with deep faith, the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette revealed to the world an understanding of the message behind the mystery of the tears shed by the Blessed Virgin Mary before the two shepherds, Maximin and Melanie, one peaceful day in a small village of La Salette, France. A message resonant with love, hope, and reconciliation for all mankind.” –ULSHS PAASCU Report 2005.

The Salettinian education is for all.

This is for the new signs of hope – the graduates of 2017 and to my fellow Salettinians who are one step closer to their dreams. I bet you still remember the first time you entered the University of La Salette and how this University transformed you to be the best version of yourself. I know there’s a recap happening in your mind right now but along with that, let me tell you how lucky you are for being one of the thousands of Salettinians who share the goal of reconciliation and peace around the world. You are a part of a community that grows every day. A community that accepted, supported and loved you with all your untold stories and dreams. This is made for you to be a reminder of your success and dedication. We may not be on the same door anymore but I salute you for your success. For I know as a student, there will be no better piece of paper than that of a diploma that symbolizes your sleepless nights and patience. Truly, what makes you a Salettinian is your love and willingness to achieve.


YOU ARE A LIFE-LONG LEARNER. As you go through storms and sunshine, be reminded of what you are. Just remember that learning will be a continuous process for you to grow better. You are a Salettinian by blood and faith. You grew with passion and excellence.

YOU ARE SERVICE-ORIENTED. Be the catalyst of change. Be the candle that consumes itself to light others’ path. You are equipped by rendering service to your community. Indeed, you will always be a pride of our beloved institution.

YOU ARE A LEADER OF EXCELLENCE. The university had helped you to become an effective agent of transformation. As a Salettinian, you possessed an admiring aura of being positive and curious. You seek for improvement and you do things with dedication. Take note of how you grew as a Salettinian and treat this as a ladder and inspiration to be eloquent and smart on all the things that may come.

YOU ARE A GOD-CENTERED INDIVIDUAL. The uniqueness of a Salettinian to other graduates is the chance to live a God-fueled environment. We seek for God’s grace and our institution never fails to influence us into a more harmonious environment. You are one who shares the good news of salvation. You are a Christian of faith.

YOU ARE A SIGN OF HOPE. Hope is a word associated with love and dedication. Love that grows every single day and dedication to the things that you love doing. As a Salettinian graduate, you are admired by the people around you. You have the capability to spread the things and lessons our university taught us. You own everything and with your bare hands, you are holding your own light. Pass on that light to guide others. The responsibility is now on you.

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