Statistics as Stories of Reality

Marc Angelo Martinez | BAPolSc | | University of La Salette, Inc.

Slow traffic, continuous records of criminality, raging drug problem, extrajudicial killings, growing poverty and the weakening of peso– the Philippines had traveled a long way to solve these pressing issues that made our nation hungry for progress. Amidst all of these, poverty outdid the list.

Looking at the present scenarios of the Philippines, researches through statistical data can help mediate the conflicts and problems we have right now. This can be a tool towards assuring a better future. Statistics can provide recommendations and effective solutions as it can supplement better plans to address timely issues.

Statistics doesn’t only focus on just numbers because more than that—it tells stories of realities based on researches conducted by every individual that is concerned with nation-building. By these mere numbers, we can draw a line that can connect the present reality to that of a better tomorrow equipped with vision and prosperity.

In connection, AmBisyon Natin 2040 of the National Economic and Development Authority upholds the role of Statistics to better sustain and weigh the needs and possible actions to achieve this long-term vision.

If the present numbers tell that the Philippines should enrich culture amidst the rampant effect of technology, conserve nature despite building of infrastructure, educate people even with increasing data of poverty and the promotion of morality to end conflicting religions, beliefs and political will, I am confident that the Philippines can successfully achieve a life for every Filipino that is genuine, compassionate, free, admirable and peaceful.

In a serious note, the responsibility and the goal must be a collaborative effort. Filipinos must be duty-bound to be resilient in helping one another to provide solutions. This can be achieved if only we can realize the role of everything even the smallest and unnoticed ones—like statistics.

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