Words can change the world

The existence of a journalist in the current world demands prodigious responsibility. An exceptional observance of the changes in the status quo should be seen with the naked eye and an open mind. One must be resilient in the context of planning and executing his purpose.

As a journalist, one must learn to evaluate the reliability of his sources for the credibility of his news. Every written or broadcasted news easily perpetuates changes in the society — either it creates good or unscrupulous changes in the community. News has inordinate tendency to modify norms and beliefs depending on the veracity of the issue concerning the public. Mostly unacceptable facts that contradict social standards generate social catastrophe.

A journalist’s pen is intended to be righteous at all times. Once an article is written and published, you can no longer take it back unless you took an apology. Words are the powerful tool. It can modify and transform the world with its grandeur. It can create war and eliminate a nation. It can kill a human at its most irate mode of use. And it can destroy the world when words have made the humanity go blind.

Write to change, to make things right.

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